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My Big World helps you prepare your pre-schoolers for the Common Core
Common Core Ready Now that almost every state has adopted the Common Core Standards for kindergarten, you have to do more than ever to ensure your preschoolers are ready for kindergarten. Don't worry though; My Big World is here to help. We bring you simple and effective ways to introduce the big ideas behind the Common Core. Here are just a few:
Your students will get a steady supply of nonfiction.
The Common Core Standards require that 50% of reading instruction be implemented with informational text. That's huge!
My Big World provides simple nonfiction in two issues a month—a perfect way to acclimate preschoolers to nonfiction reading.
It's a great introduction to nonfiction-text features.
The standards also focus on the structure of texts, including nonfiction-text features.
My Big World can help with that too! By the time they’re in kindergarten, your students will have had valuable practice with nonfiction-text features, such as headlines and photo captions.
It helps you grow BIG vocabularies.
Acquiring vocabulary through reading is another important part of the
Common Core.
The Big Word feature teaches key science and social studies vocabulary
each month.
Foundational skills are front and center.
The standards include the foundational skills children use to learn to read.
My Big World provides plenty of early-literacy practice, from songs and rhymes that build phonological awareness to letter-recognition activities. Plus, our BIG Issues are great for demonstrating concepts of print.
You get Common Core mini-lessons.
There are many specific reading and language standards that are written for kindergarten instruction.
My Big World helps you adapt the standards for Pre-K and preschool instruction with simple activities that focus on a particular standard and mini-lessons created with young children in mind.
At My Big World with Clifford™, we are focused on young children. That's why we provide Common Core practice without pressure and always make sure the learning is fun, active, and developmentally appropriate—just like it is in your classroom.